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The Burgundy McKinley Place is one of the greatest hidden gems in Metro Manila. Not that many people are aware of it since it is not located along the major thoroughfares of the Metro but it is still much accessible, thanks to the many side streets. You can actually reach the mall grounds in just ten minutes if the traffic lights all line up in your favor.

Although it is technically in Paranaque City, the Burgundy McKinley Place is actually nearer to the major commercial facilities of Pasay City and Makati City. First, there’s the SM Mall of Asia Complex that is clearly visible from the Burgundy McKinley Place’s roof deck viewing area. You can actually reach the MOA without having to go out to Roxas Boulevard. You just need to use the inner streets and avenues to avoid the huge lines of traffic.

You can also take the same traffic-jam-free route if you are heading towards Makati City. This means you no longer have to wake up really early and rush out the door to beat the morning rush crowd. You can take your time and still get to the office with plenty of time to spare.

The Burgundy McKinley Place has been around for a couple of years now so there are technically no brand new units left. However, there are plenty of units that are up for sale by their previous owners, so you still have a chance at grabbing one of the choice residential spaces in the Burgundy McKinley Place. You need to act fast though, as there are plenty of people just like you who want to snatch every available unit.

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